Arggh! I thought Father’s Day is fast approaching and I haven’t bought my boys’ dad anything yet.  Then it occurred to me, why not do something for all the dads to be as part of the bumps2bambinos community? Afterall, it’s a fun idea and the chance for dads to get involved in preparing for birth, especially as most classes are only directed at mums, and dads can be an afterthought or feel a bit left out.

So, on Monday 10/6 at 1900 and again for a longer 45 mins session on Wednesday 12/6 starting at 1930, bumps2bambinos is hosting a series of one off, exclusive Father’s Day classes.

It’s a chance for dad or partner to get in the water with mum and bump, bond with them both, support mum and earn some brownie points, whilst learning some tips, tricks and techniques that can be taken into the delivery suite.

For example, we will be focussing on breathing, relaxation and stretching amongst other things in order to prepare mum (and dad) for birth.

The Monday night sessions are £20 per couple for the half hour class, and £30 per couple for the longer Wednesday night class.

And as complimentary refreshments are offered afterwards, it is a great opportunity for dad to chat and compare notes with other dads…who knows where that will lead, maybe a new drinking, golf, gaming or football buddy?

Simply get in touch to book your place before they all go!