I knew a couple of ladies who were pregnant and both struggling, so I suggested they go to aqua natal yoga, just like I did with my two boys. And they responded “What?!” So I did some research and found there weren’t any classes in the West Midlands, in fact the nearest one was the one in Worcestershire, where I had attended.

I loved aqua natal. That one time every week when it was all about me, me and baby. Not my busy life in world outside the cocoon of the warm pool, with my fellow mums to be. So I decided to get trained and start my own classes in the local area.

I turned to the organisation who had trained my teachers during pregnancy: Birthlight, their “motto” is “greater enjoyment of pregnancy, birth and babies”, and that is exactly what I wanted to offer pregnant women.

Birthlight is a non-profit organisation dedicated to enhance the health and wellbeing of women and their families from conception through to the third year. They use simple body based practices inspired from yoga and traditional modes of parenting. Their aim is to enhance the wellbeing of women and their partners through the journey of pregnancy and birth, and to help parents and infants relax in shared enjoyment of their new life together.

I attended my AQUA YOGA CERTIFICATE COURSE – Level 1 residential course in February 2019 and loved it! I met some great teachers, who would be based in other regions and had a fantastic tutor in the shape of Kathy, who was an oracle of knowledge and reflection.
During the course we covered exercise in water, fitness, yoga and Aqua natal yoga, as well as the four trimesters of pregnancy, anatomy and physiology and yoga asanas and breathing. This was in addition to practice modules covering pelvic floor aquatone and relaxation, stroke adaptations and as would be expected the planning and dos and don’ts of an aqua natal yoga class.

On February 20th 2019, I graduated as a probational teacher with flying colours. I can now teach aqua natal yoga alongside completing some coursework, including a case study, mentor feedback and returning to my old stomping ground in Worcs, to observe another class in operation.

I love planning an delivering my aqua natal yoga classes and know those attending love attending!

Someone asked me the other day, what I like about it so much, and the answer was quite simple; Being pregnant is a very special time in a woman’s life. It is a privilege to be allowed to be part of that. It is also very fulfilling to be able to help pregnant ladies get the most enjoyment out of this special time and prepare for the next chapter in their lives.

– Emma