Mothercare Tamworth invited me to exhibit for the third time at their two Expectant Parent Events in August.

As per the first event, which took place before I’d even held the first bumps2bambinos class (!), I was able to present a short spiel about my background, (proud mum of 2 boys, swimming teacher of about 4 years and owner of bumps2bambinos)and why I started bumps2bambinos, (saw mums struggling in their pregnancy and suggested they attend aqua natal yoga classes, to which I was always met with a blank expression) as well as some of the benefits classes offer mums:

  • Preparing for birth
  • Deeper sleep
  • Helps balance hormones (Partners always like that one!)
  • Keeping the spine supple throughout the 9 months of pregnancy
  • Maintaining flexibility and mum’s fitness
  • Releasing tensions, aches and pains experienced throughout pregnancy
  • A weekly does of me time during this special time
  • Support from and access to a social network of like-minded mums

I was also able to tell those attending about an exciting new venture which is pending for bumps2bambinos; baby swim classes after the summer. Who else can claim to have taught mother and baby in such quick succession?!

The fact details for these classes are yet to be confirmed, as I am looking for the ideal local venue that will suit these intimate classes, a number of parents secure their bundle of joys’ space on the spot, even though they still had bumps rather than babies!

Why not join them? Get in touch now to register your interest.

See you both in the pool soon.