So the local Mothercare mega store contacted me and asked if I’d like to exhibit at their Expectant Parent Events on Sundays 2/6 and 9/6.

This is the second time I have been involved in these events, the first one was a great way to meet mums, network and promote bumps2bambinos, which at the time was yet to hold its first class.

At the first round of the event, I was able to present a short spiel about my background, (proud mum of 2, swimming teacher of a number of years and owner of bumps2bambinos)and why I started bumps2bambinos, (saw mums struggling in their pregnancy and suggested they attend aqua natal yoga classes, to which I was frequently met with a blank expression) as well as some of the benefits classes offer mums:

  • Preparing for birth
  • Deeper sleep
  • Maintaining flexibility and mum’s fitness
  • Releasing tensions, aches and pains experienced throughout pregnancy
  • Keeping the spine supple throughout the 9 months of pregnancy
  • Helps balance hormones (Partners always like that one!)
  • A weekly does of me time during this special time
  • Access to a support and social network of like-minded mums

I also took along my laptop showing a Powerpoint slide deck of FAQs about aqua natal yoga and pictures of mums participating in classes, so people could see what it was all about. In addition, I took along my eldest son, who was keen to support mummy in her new business venture, not least as he was involved in aqua natal yoga like his younger brother once upon a time!

This time I took a slightly different track; I left the laptop at home and went armed with 4 massive helium balloons to grab everyone’s attention, as well as show the fun side of aqua natal yoga…and it worked, a number of mums came to say hello and enquire about classes. Fingers crossed they will in the pool very shortly on a Monday or Wednesday evening, taking the weight off, being as graceful as ballerinas and enjoying some much deserved me time!

Why not join them?